Samsung G930X Sbl Error [Unbrick File]

Samsung G930X Sbl Error [Unbrick File]

On this page, we have contained Samsung G930X Sbl Error Unbrick File, upload mode fix file, it also called Samsung debrick file, which can be used to repair Sbl error upload mode on Samsung phones after flashing Combination, Eng boot file. debrick and gives a solution to Sbl error on your Samsung G930X.’

Samsung G930X Unbrick File Download Link

Samsung_ G930XU5 _unbrick_file

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How to use Samsung G930X Unbrick File

1. Download Samsung G930X Unbrick File from the link(s) above.

2. Download and install Windows drivers for your Samsung Smartphone on your PC.

3. Extract the Samsung G930X Unbrick File onto a folder on your PC and connect Phone on TP mode.

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4. Type in your device port number {shows has = (Qualcomm 9008)* and then Press Enter now, wait process complete.
… The phone should now boot in to download mode.

5. Now download and flash the Offical firmware, Choose either of the Samsung flash tools listed below for detailed instructions on how to flash Firmware on Samsung G930X using either of the tools.

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1. Odin Flash Tool

2. Z3x Samsung Tool

3. Octoplus/Octopus Samsung Tool