Meaning and use of the files In MediaTek Firmware

Meaning and use of the files In MediaTek Firmware


Meaning and use of the files In MediaTek Firmware
Meaning and use of the files In MediaTek FirmwareMeaning and use of the files In MediaTek Firmware


kernels, ramdisk are found in this file. It also contains all the files needed for the device to boot. flashing a wrong boot.img will make the device not to boot.


Like its name, it stores data that are frequently used in the device. Not really useful when flashing a device. You can leave it unticked.


This file simply verifies the md5 checksum. Most times this results to an error displayed on the screen while trying to load a scatter file. If you have the checksum error, delete checksum.ini and reload your scatter file.

EBR1 and EBR2

This is partitions found on your device.


Universal Boot Loader. Flash this when the device is not booting


This contains all the files for the logo found in the device.


Master Boot Recorder. This actually describes the partitions found on the device.

Scatter File

This describes the regions where each of the images and files found in the ROM will be flashed to the device.


The preloader is the file which makes the phone to communicate with the PC. Most times its dangerous flashing preloader to your devices. Flashing a wrong preloader can hard brick your device. Tick this if you are sure its the preloader of your device and the device you are about to flash is completely dead.


This is the recovery of your device. You can replace this with a custom recovery like CWM or Philz which are made for the device.


Contains the baseband and imei of the device. Sometimes flashing this can result to null or invalid imei. To restore your imei, click here


This contains the entire Android operating system found on your phone. Most times (especially when phones hangs on boot logo) this is the only file that is needed to be flashed. In sp flashed tool, it is listed as android.


This contains personal data like applications, messages, contacts etc found on the device which the ROM was made from. It’s not necessary to flash this image except you want to regain back all the files.

That’s all about the file found in MediaTek ROM.

Meaning and use of the files In MediaTek Firmware
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